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At The Miga Law Firm, we believe that you are best served by an attorney who is not only experienced but who also dedicates himself to being prepared in every important facet of your case.  We recognize the goal of resolving your matter fairly, through negotiations or litigation, as best serves your situation.  We have found that the best results are obtained in your case from thorough research and preparation and using our experience to advise the best course to obtain an optimal resolution.


At right: Brian Miga appearing before the New York State Judiciary Committee.

Attorney Brian Michael Miga
Brian Michael Miga was admitted to the Bar in 1975 after graduating from the University of Buffalo Law School and, previous to that, the University of Rochester, where he obtained degrees in English and History.  He has practiced in all the courts in this state.


At age 29, Brian was appointed to serve as a Hearing Examiner in Oneida County Family Court.  In 2002, he was elected to the Oneida County Legislature and served for four years until he was appointed to serve as an Oneida County Family Court Judge.  From 2007 to 2012, he served as a Judicial Hearing Officer (part-time) in Oneida County Family Court, and during that same period, served as Attorney for the Oneida County Health Department.  He currently represents several municipalities.  He has four decades of experience trying and hearing cases and serving our community both before and behind the bench.


For thirteen years, Brian also served as Chairman of Trenton Greenbelt, which offers walking and cross-country ski trails. He believes that we all should work to serve in our communities.

Legal Assistant Karen Wheeler
Years ago, a well-established Central New York firm contacted a local college, as they needed  a legal assistant.  The Department recommended Karen, who graduated on Friday and started her career on Monday.  Karen has since worked for over 40 years in estate administration, real estate, civil litigation and appeals, accounting, elder law and corporate work.  In her off-hours, she spends time with her husband and cherished children and grandchildren and loves to sing in the church choir and various groups.  We are fortunate as she brings great dedication and experience to assist in resolving problems.
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